Feed cost is the largest single item in poultry production and accounts for 60 to 70% of the total production cost. The determining factors for producing high quality feed are the ingredients and the processing procedure in the feed mill. Hence, Arya Done Roshd Company has conducted extensive research on plants and machines since 2005. Finally, Witte Lastrupe was selected  for designing and manufacturing feed mill.

Under the direct supervision of Witte Lastrup, Arya Done Roshd company feed mill was inaugurated in 2010, with a production capacity of 25 tons per hour. Today, it is one of the most modern feed mills in Iran.






  • Broiler Feed
  • Broiler Breeder Feed
  • Pullet Feed
  • Layer Feed

Management-Guide - Layer

  • Shaver
  • Bovans
  • Hy-Line W36
  • Lohman LSL -Classic
  • Nich Chick

Management-Guide - Broiler

  • Cobb
  • Ross
  • Arbor Acres