Arya Done Roshd Company has been founded by the Iranian experts in the poultry industry in Iran with the purpose of producing livestock and poultry feed. The company has been planted in an area of over 26,000 square meters in the industrial city of Qom (Shokuhieh) to produce a wide range of feed types for livestock and poultry industrial units in Iran and the neighboring countries. The machines deployed in the plant are all Germany-made and have been supplied and installed by one of the best-known manufacturers in Europe, i.e., Witte Lastrup, which enjoys more than a hundred years of production fame and is an internationally recognized and active company all around the globe. In the plant, the production process is thoroughly automatic, without any manual intervention. Further, in the production process, Best ingredients are used to produce feed of high quality and free from any contamination. The production capacity of the plant is 25 tons of pellet feed per hour.

  Arya Done-Roshd science committee includes experienced and educated experts who have always tried to rely on updated science and widespread research. feed formulation  of different types of feed is carried out by the use of the BESTMIX software, which is one of the most advanced feed formulation software in the world. This software is now used in more than 1,500 feed mill in Europe. In this software, numerous nutritional factors are considered, resulting in balancing the feed with very high accuracy




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